How To

Netburbia is a city where players manipulate business and politics in a streamlined environment. The goal of Heckonomics is to acquire mansions and consume for points while Netburbia is being developed by players.

When you first join the game you will be assigned a random identity that will represent you. Your identity will be displayed on the main screen, if you click it you will enter the map as your identity. If you create a firm or become Mayor of Netburbia you will also be able to access those entities on the main screen. Firms are represented by a random name and abbreviation.

After entering the map as your identity or a firm you are free to explore the map and begin planning your business or political empire. To get funding for your firm you may want to sell shares to the public, offer shares on the stock market, or issue bonds. When playing as your identity you can also earn wages by starting routes at industries and ending them at attractions, or by starting routes at farms and ending them at cabins. At a farm you can press the work button and head out to find a cabin. Once you reach the cabin you will be paid if funds are available. If you enter a depot, dock, or terminal you can press the work button and travel to an industry. From there your goal will be to find an attraction to collect your wage. The more houses near the attraction and the better the neighborhood is the more potential there is to generate revenue. During this process you may have to make a layover for a different mode of transportation. Airports can also be utilized but they can only access businesses adjacent to an airport when in landed mode. You can press quit any time to cancel the route if you can't find a way to an attraction or you want to do something else.

When on the map real estate can be altered and traded on behalf of the entity being played as. Shares and bonds can also be traded on the exchange.

When playing as an identity players can campaign to become mayor of Netburbia when at least 1 house that is owned by the public, cabin, or farm is in visible range. This will require a fee but provides a chance that the population on these lots will vote for you. Identities can also cast their own votes. Firms and identities can contribute cash to others' campaigns. If an identity becomes mayor they are able to enter the map as government. From here they can change taxes, zone lots, provide welfare, issue bonds, trade securities, and create buildings and infrastructure on behalf of the city of Netburbia.