This is a fully programmed digital tabletop game. Its rules and gameplay closely resemble the latest version of the board game. The goal of Merchant Adventurer is to accumulate wealth for your family by manipulating other entities in the game.

1 TRIBUTE: Players are able to send 1 coin to the mainland entity and specify port for mainland not to attack. This will prevent the mainland entity from atttacking specified port for the turn. Any entity that player controls can send this tribute payment.
2 MAINLAND: A random procedure will take place to determine if the mainland entity will attack any port. A port with 0 coins will not be attacked. The more coins the mainland entity has the higher chance of an attack, and the more coins a port has the higher the chance it will be able to defend itself if attacked.
3 NATIVES: If the natives are at war with a company they will attempt to attack any factories or colonists within range of any of their villages.
4 MONEYLENDERS: During this phase the moneylenders will try and take 1 coin from any entity that owes them a debt payment.
5 PLAYERS: This is the phase that players can conduct the majority of their actions, both financial and on the map.
6 STORMS: Storms automatically move and destroy any player pieces in their path. Storms also regenerate or improve native villages.
7 FACTORIES: In this phase all revenue from factories is collected by companies.