You play as a kid in a neighborhood where the kids have set up a simulated economy. You can use various financial tools and social strategies to gain power. The goal of the game is to build wealth, score is achieved by attaining United States Dollars. You start at a random age from 5 to 17. Your game will end if you turn 18 before the game itself ends, which finishes after 1997 is complete.
You will first be placed at your household. Here you can utilize your abilities by taking actions. You receive random abilities depending on your age. You receive more abilities with each birthday. The initial strategy you take will depend on the way you want to achieve success in combination with what abilities you have been granted.
Each kid has a prestige in the neighborhood from 1-9. Each kid also has an opinion and perception of each other kid 1-9. The perception is an average of the other kid's prestige and kid's own opinion of other kid. Prestige is gained and lost through combat, and opinions are gained and lost through social actions.
Each kid can potentially create a custom type of currency. The value of each custom currency depends on how many villages accept it and how many properties and shops are at those villages. Each village has a chief, and the chief's perception of all kids that have custom currencies is what determines if they are accepted at the chief's village. The chief is determined by the perceptions of kids that own properties and shops in the village. This is expressed in an everchanging and automatic election for each village.
If you attempt to spend currency and do not have the funds your kid will try to take a loan to cover the cost. So if you do not want to take a loan be careful when using actions that involve spending.
When you first join a new game there is a chance that you will have some siblings at your household. These are AI characters and their actions are automated whenever your take an action for the duration of the game.
Each kid has their own company which is tied to them, and shares can be sold to raise funds. You can click on stock market to buy and sell shares in various companies.