1: The game is complicated, the goal is simple: consume for points. To consume click on character and consume button. Consuming can only be done with characters from your own family group. To view the types of goods your characters are willing to consume view your family group's profile. Points can also be achieved through reproduction and offerings.
2: After logging in you will be taken to the main screen. On the left side is a list of colored 3 letter rectangles, these are groups you control. Click on any 3 letter symbol to manage the group. You will be taken to the map screen after clicking on a group if the group is able to control any characters.
3: On the map screen outside of the map area will be a character piece, usually surrounded by arrows. This is the selected character that you can control. Use the arrow keys to move the character or the buttons to command the character. When you do this the character will perform the action and the next available character will automatically be selected.
4: Some actions require specific skills. To view a character's skills click on the gender of the selected character in the character information box located to the upper right of the map screen. The number of skills active is determined by the family group's era. Many actions require the character's group to own or have permission from the owning group to use the lot. If no group owns the lot then this is not required. Depending on the action your character may need to take a specific appearance. To adjust this click on CHARACTER & APPEARANCE.
5: A character can pickup and drop things as well as enter vehicles and horses by clicking on the transport button. If a character is in a vehicle or on horse items will be transferred to and from the vehicle or horse and lot instead of the character and lot.
6: Game pieces that are constructed or manufactured are not operable unless their completion is over 0%. This includes buildings, containers, machines, rails, roads, tools, utilities, vehicles and weapons.
7: It is up to you and others to form businesses, governments or any other types of organizations. The game provides tools for accomplishing this, but they exist within a sandbox environemnt.

gameplay: ideas for strategies to pursue
concepts: philosophy behind the game's mechanics